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RMSK certified by ARDMS for joints, spine, tendons and nerves diagnostic exam and ultrasound guided procedures.

Platelet Rich Plasma for tendon, nerve, ligament and joint damage.

Duplex lab to screen for carotid artery, vertebral artery, thyroid, complete abdomen, and arteries/venous in four extremities, and

C-arm guided Spine procedures.

Botox EMG guided injection for spasticity, Dystonia, Blepharospasm, and chronic Migraine.

Case of the Month Contest: Submitted by Dr. Michael Gofeld

Case of the month

Clinical data:

axial spine sonography references

Can anyone recommend a web reference for cervical and lumbar spine sonogaphy?? Both Jon Jacobson's and Bianchi & Martinoli's texts have little reference. Thanks Dom Costabile

Portable US machines image quality.

I am looking into purchasing a portable US machine for MSK/spine injections. Is there any head to head comparison study of the major portable US machines?
Comparing features like image quality, warranty, battery life, toughness, price point, and user support, would be quite helpfully. Does anybody know where to find reliable information on this subject?

Billing and coding for limited exam

We have had a recent question from Dr. David Spivey who attended AAPMU's Mystic, CT course and I wanted to share with all of you.

His question was:

Ultrasound-guided spine interventions

I'd like to initiate discussion on the topic. Do you believe ultrasound may take fluoroscopy place in some situations? What is needed to implement ultrasound-guided procedures in clinical practice?

Ultrasound for Neuromodulation

From my view, Neuromodulation with bone, fluoro will always be the gold standard. What I am looking for is soft tissue; arteries, muscle, nerve, etc for placing leads over peripheral nerves. The deepest would be sciatic. Most neuromodulators like myself, are looking to do this. Anyone have experience and can comment on this?

How accurate are blind AC Joint Injections?

At the AOSSM (American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine) the weekend of July 9th, 2011 in San Diego Ultrasound was once again a huge topic of interest.  

Welcome AAPMU Members and Guests

You are welcome to use this blog to ask questions or comment on experiences that you have had with ultrasound. Our expert faculty will be happy to answer your questions.

Coding and Billing

What are the proper codes to use for ultrasound guided injections?
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