Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist (CIPS)


Next CIPS Exams:

August 29, 2019- Budapest, Hungary

February 17, 2020- Miami, FL. USA


CIPS Preparation Workshops:

December 7-8, 2019- London, UK

February 15-16, 2020- Miami, FL. USA


 Declaration and Consent

Please refer to the CIPS Examination Application for the declaration and consent.

The World Institute of Pain (WIP) was founded in 1994. It is incorporated in the State of California as a nonprofit corporation and operates as an autonomous entity, independent from any other association, society, or academy. This independence permits WIP to maintain integrity concerning its policy-making on matters related to certification.

The World Institute of Pain and its Board of Examination administers a psychometrically- developed and practice-related Interventional Examination in the field of Pain Medicine to qualified candidates. Physicians who have successfully completed the credentialing process and examination will be issued certificates of diploma in the field of Interventional Pain Medicine and designated as Fellows in the Interventional Techniques. A list of physicians certified will be available to medical organizations and other groups in the general public.


The mission of the World Institute of Pain – Board of Examination is to protect and inform the public by improving the quality and availability of Interventional Techniques in Pain Medicine.

Goals and Objectives

The following are the goals and objectives of the World Institute of Pain – Board of Examination

1. To evaluate candidates who voluntarily appear for examination and to certify as Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist those who are qualified. Objectives to meet this goal include:

·       Determination of whether candidates have received adequate preparation in accordance with the educational standards established by the World Institute of Pain.

·       Creation, maintenance and administration of comprehensive examinations to evaluate the knowledge and experience of such candidates.

·       Issuance of certificates to those candidates found qualified under the stated requirements of the World Institute of Pain.

2. To maintain and improve the quality of graduate medical education in the field of Pain Medicine by collaborating with related organizations. Objectives to meet this goal include:

·       Maintenance of a registry for public information about the certification status of physicians certified in interventional techniques.

·       Provision of information to the public and concerned entities about the rationale for certification in interventional examinations.

·       Facilitation of discussion with the public, professional organizations, health care agencies and regulatory bodies regarding education, evaluation and certification of Pain Medicine specialists in interventional techniques.